Because forgetting is NOT an option

Lara Khatchikian
2 min readMar 17, 2021


Because forgetting is NOT an option

Indifference is NOT an option

Because I don’t mind telling a darker side

Because every story matters

Because we’ve got nothing to lose but our lives and spirits. We fight.

To those who listen, no words but love ❤

This from my warrior/sister/partner Yara (in Japan).

“My phone is still engaged with counseling from 8pm until 3 or 4am.

Trauma does not just go away. The fear doesn’t stop. Children won’t go outside to play and will shake in retro shock at the slightest of sounds. Parents are overwhelmed with trying to be strong, and whole families and neighborhoods are stretched to their physical and emotional breaking point of rebuilding their homes, lives and families without any government assistance or aide.

For those who donated through NPOs and NGOs, your intent was great but the money did not reach the people.

It was stolen by the corrupt campaign heads. Like any corrupt system; if the system is flawed, it doesn’t matter the intent. The process is flawed.

People are literally surviving on the kindness of their neighbors sharing food from mountain gardens, and helping hands to rebuild their homes.

Lara Khatchikian is one person of many individuals with their own stories of survival and trauma, yet she is brave enough to keep sharing and reminds us that there’s more to life than just Facebook and internet tirades.

We are so lucky.

Stop. Look around you today.

Tell someone you love them.

Life can change in an instant and those we love and the lives we lead can be taken away.

The lesson to be learned…appreciate all we have.”






Beirut Port — World’s Third Largest Explosion that killed over 200, injured over 6000, and left 300,000 families homeless.